Hey there!

I’m Natasha, and this is my curated space on the internet, which I hope will be your window to get a peek in to all the things I can do to tell your brand’s unique story…

Social media management, content marketing and public relations are some of the strongest skills in my arsenal and have been my main professional focus over the last 4 years. You can browse through some of my best creative collaborations here. Apart from this, I have also tried my hand at copywriting & promotional marketing in the fashion industry, and am also a full-time fashion blogger.

A marketing graduate with a Masters degree in Marketing and Management Communications, I am currently pursuing (and loving!) the Digital Marketing Management Course at the University of Toronto. In the interim, I plan to brush up my Adobe Suite and CSS + HTML skills, to fulfill my dream of creating my own website from scratch some day!

A marketer with a penchant for all things creative and social, I would love to work with you on your digital and influencer campaigns. Feel free to drop a line and I’d be happy to collaborate with you on your next project!